Emmanuel "Manny" Zapata

Instruments Taught: Piano, Singing, Guitar, Drums

  • Emmanuel “Manny” Zapata is an Orlando native who has spent all of his life around music. From an early age, he was fascinated with all of the different instruments his father had around the house from a full a drum set to an electric bass guitar.
  • Plays over 8 different instruments.
  • Serves as a singer, musician and music director at Action Church.
  • More than 15 years of education, practice and performance.
  • Has a passion for showing others not just how to play music, but how to learn the language of music and use it to convey emotions in a way words can’t.
  • Specializes in popular music, musical theater, jazz, contemporary christian, rock and R&B.
  • Delivers professional-grade studio recordings after completion of a song worked on in lessons (for students to share with their friends and family)
  • Teaches a scientifically-based singing curriculum (that delivers vocal range, power, stamina, freedom, and artistry to all students)
  • Uses recording studio technology in lessons to improve student analysis of their instrument/progress *works as a great teaching tool and metric for students to improve

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